The Facts About Kansas Tax Proposals

  • It raises income tax on families in the current lowest tax bracket (at or below $30,000) by 70% while those at much higher incomes see only a single digit percentage increase.
  • Starting at $30,000, this plan charges every family $570 more in taxes. Even if you make $100,000,000, you have the same tax bill increase as someone making $30,000 — $570.
  • Families making less than $50,000 in taxable income would be worse off than under the high pre-2013 income tax rates that so many in the Kansas Legislature protested were outrageously high.
  • This plan would mean higher tax rates than the pre-2013 rates for a significant proportion of Kansas families. Here’s more detail on taxable income.
  • Ensure all individuals and families end up better off than under the previously much higher tax rates pre-2013.
  • Make all businesses (even LLCs/small businesses) contribute to the fiscal health of the state.
  • Generate the revenue necessary to address the ongoing and future fiscal shortfall.
  • Appropriately fund our important priorities.



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Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston

Ruckus Panelist on KCPT, Opinion Columnist, Political Consultant, Former Candidate for U.S. Senate and Kansas Senate, Former Educator