In a financial crisis, everyone should be asked to do more. Everyone — individuals and families of all income levels as well as businesses of all sizes.

It is unconscionable to give a free ride to some businesses and favor higher wage earners while proposing substantial increases on lower wage…

The Electoral College will NOT overthrow the general election result on December 19th.

Despite the hopes of many who were disappointed with the election and were searching for a miraculous event that would produce a different victor, the outcome of the election will stand and Donald Trump will be the…

Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory in Michigan can put him on the path to overtaking Hillary Clinton provided that all of us reach out to encourage fellow Democrats with upcoming primaries and caucuses. Next up will be the Super Tuesday (March 15th) states — Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina…

Lisa Johnston

Ruckus Panelist on KCPT, Opinion Columnist, Political Consultant, Former Candidate for U.S. Senate and Kansas Senate, Former Educator

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